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Rubik's little piece of magic

Коктейлни страсти

Rubik's little piece of magic

Mila Bogi

image1 (5).JPG

Today I found this on the street.

It made me stop, while I was rushing through the gloomy mist in my hometown Sofia.

What is it, I thought?

Should I take it?

My imagination took over and I drifted away day-dreaming and creating this little story...

This was the piece of the imagination of an angel, who bumped into an airplane by accident and dropped it. 

nerdy boy

I imagined a young and nerdy boy finding this on the street and putting it in his pocket, while his mommy takes him home after school. It would fill him up with unanswerable questions and will leave him sleepless at night. He will believe it to have been a sign and he will seek to see where the piece fits. 

Eventually he will discover his dad's Rubik's cube at the bottom of a drawer and will become obsessed with solving it because he will believe his piece of magic was leading him right towards it. This will change his life! 

Mastering the cube's secret will lead him to develop his cognitive, logic, and problem-solving skills. It will give an impressive push to his math and science addiction. The cube will also teach him the basis of algorithms, which are the foundation of programming and mechanics. By breaking down a solution process into gradual steps for the first time, that kid will learn to think critically and will be fearless to apply this to any riddle in the future. Because of this, he will excel to become a genius and will change the world with innovative solutions and scientific discoveries.

Then I wondered. How could I take it??? How could I leave the little boy uninspired. 

So I left it where I found it - in the middle of the puddle, magnificent in its colors.

A little magical gem in the dirt.