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Коктейлни страсти


Mila Bogi

Not only is this product completely going along with the electric vehicle (EV) market development and specifically with the two-wheeler market, but

the Motoretta has some SWAG on it

and attracts hell of a lot of attention from all by-passers. It introduced me to another girl within me - THE DOLL, but I will tell you more about this later under the Women section. 

Now let's talk about EV TWO-WHEELERS. Here are some facts for your common knowledge: 

  • China is the global leader and continued dominating the market in 2016
  • Business development drivers are air pollution prevention, an on gasoline-powered motorcycles, limits on the issuing of licences, and the division of lanes 
  • two-wheelers have reached parity with ICE models
  • data quality and collection globally is still an issue and is pending further development
  • contries experiencing growth are UK and Sweden

What i like about it

  • prevents air pollution 
  • fancy design at an affordable price
  • light and easy to manoeuvre 
  • attracts attention