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 The Charm of lomography

Коктейлни страсти

The Charm of lomography

Mila Bogi

Lomography Konstruktor F

Lomography Konstruktor F

Those of you that know me, know that I am extremely curious. That I constantly ask the questions


Recently I got an amazing present that kept me up a few nights until I cracked how to assemble it and has intrigued me more than practically any gift I have received since my childhood.

I got the LOMOGRAPHY KONSTRUKTOR F that I had to put together myself piece by piece. 

This present put me back on the track of nostalgia and took me on new adventures during the two weeks that I spent on a Greek island. 


Lomography is a photographic-art movement, established in 1992 in Vienna, and is dedicated to analog, creative and experimental photography. Lomography promotes photography as an inventive approach to communicate, which is also why it fits this page so good. In the short time I used this camera, it truly proved itself as a valuable and alternative mean of communication, drawing many eyes towards the camera and provoking many questions. 


Putting the camera together was extremely intriguing and rewarding, but also little bit enraging, due to the fact that I discovered there was a design flaw and was very stubborn to assemble the camera until the very end without the support of Google. Thankfully, I had a significant someone, who put me back on the track of sanity and despite knowing that I wanted to crack it by myself, checked online and casually suggested that maybe the problem could be fixed if we removed the small wheel "over there". Of course, it worked, and suddenly I was ready to start experimenting with my newly build camera. Here are some of the key facts that you might be interested in about this camera.

  • The whole process did not take more than two hours to assemble the camera (not including the time I spent thinking during the day and night on how to solve the design flaw).
  • Remove the small wheel to make your life easier and unlock the shutter and forward wheel, thus allowing you to take multiple exposures
  • Hold the shutter button to be able to scroll the forward wheel
  • Learn the basics of lomography before you shoot your first film







it seems that the camera has its own piece of mind


waiting for the results teaches you patience and gives a twist of secrecy to the whole process


you get to experiment with different techniques such as overlapping, long and multiple exposures, light leaks, which are unique and unrepeatable and will take some time to master




you get to learn the basic principles of photography by seeing first hand how a camera is build


the functions are basic, thus making it simple to use without causing too much stress


the design of the camera is minimal and yet you have the freedom to express yourself by decorating it with the included stickers or anything that comes in handy