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Muse Challenge

Womens' incarnations

Women and all of their different reincarnations.

Muse Challenge

Mila Bogi

I met her in the Cube and she really impressed me with something not quite explainable. For her birthday I gave her a story. 

The story of a girl named Muse.

It is a story of 

inspiration in its most unattainable form.

life's purpose, which remains unseen to the eyes of the one who is the instiller of purpose.

dwelling into the depths of fulfilment and searching its definition among lost souls, which we often label as our muses

the fact that we should honour our muses and show our gratitude and appreciation. 

Margi is herself the Muse of this story, the one who gave Muse the breath of fresh air and instilled in her a specific kind of character. Margi is also of course my co-conspirator in taking this initiative further. 

In the fast paced world of today we often forget to dedicate some special attention to our loved ones and even if we do, we do not always have the sufficient energy and time to act upon our intentions to surprise and honour our loved ones. Think of the last time when you did not give your grandparents a call, even though it was your resolution of this very specific day. And think of how the loop of you not keeping this resolution goes on forever. Think of how the fact that every single day you know HOW to touch upon your loved ones, so that you can become more intimate and then think of HOW you ignore the fact that you are aware of what you should do. 

Inspired by this I have created an thrilling and adrenaline pitching challenge in my abstract and dreamy mind. I crave challenges and adventures, but often decide they are not worth pursuing, so I will start writing down my progress here with the purpose of being my own watch dog. 

THE challenge

Provide an outsourcing CREATIVE service for those,

who are accepting the FACT 

that they cannot spend enough TIME

to come up with a GENUINE gesture

and express their appreciation and love

towards ANY person in their life,

whom they would like to HONOUR.

Of course, I realise completely this could be another crazy hype or innovation of my abstract/creative thought, which might be difficult to satisfy, but thanks to Margi I already have a Second Muse to send another letter/story to. Knowing the importance of deadlines, of course I have postponed it far too much (a few months or so), but also some little voice inside of me always tells me that there is no pushing the feeling of inspiration. 

I am thankful for having gotten it back TODAY and will dedicate some time and emotions to the special Gerry, who is a fairy of beauty and long hairs. 

Hopefully, Gerry will like her story and will continue the challenge by directing me to a Third Muse  and so on...