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Let's kill the bimbo!

Womens' incarnations

Women and all of their different reincarnations.

Let's kill the bimbo!

Mila Bogi

This project was born on a cold day, when I was intrigued to have a photoshoot with a man's suit and Pavel wanted to shoot something more sexy. I grabbed my dad's suit and my mom's boots and I met Pavel, Alexey and George in a subway, where we killed the bimbo. 

The bimbo is a phenomenon, a collective image. She is attractive and usually, but not always, quite silly, having the objective of selling herself as a product in a sweet shop. Sprinkled with sugar (expensive clothing, breast implants, jewellery) and even in the case that she is intelligent, the bimbo will pretend that she does not understand you and will maintain a decent level of interest in any story without an essence that you tell her. The bimbo is innocuous and will probably not push you away with an opinion, but will appropriate yours as her own, thus attentively caressing your ego. 

... let's kill the bimbo!

Let's bring WOMEN back into fashion!

The Muses. The Princesses. The Goddesses. Who love simple things and are not afraid of diving into the deep.